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In November 2019 our partnership with Alex White-Plume & the Oglala Indian Tribe was established, in working partnership between Dr William E Muldowney, My R&D Partner. Currently we have the largest supply in North America of over 50 thousand acers of Pure Organic Hemp. Billions of organic heirloom hemp seeds. Some of which are designed for strategic waterway soil remediation project along the Apache Indian Reservation and other Tribes along with the Token of Trust Treaty.


GodzGift founded by Jason Roy L Miller, was first FSJPharmaCo, a subsidiary of JRLMillerGroup LLC., Research with "Bill" Dr William Muldowney, on Bio Medical Research & Bio Canna Science Research in Hemp based Nano carbon superconductors, power sources as well as Plans to introduce Project with NASA for Applicable uses & Product Development. 
Clean Energy
Renewable Energy
Commercial Space Travel 
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We are Cannabis International Educational Consultants, providing patients and their families with in home safety measures for proper in home cannabis use for treatment as well as one of the first to help patient's in South Florida get their medical Marijuana card and registered with the state of Florida for alternative medical treatment for Anxiety, PTSD, Stress and Mental Health purposes.

The future vision of our Oglala Partnership with Jason Miller, in the absence of the passing of the Oglala Native Trible Elder, Research Dr & Philanthropist William E Muldowney. To start Agricultural Harvesting of Tropical & Native Crops for Farming to Supply local Natives & US Market. Continue to Harvest Hemp to use to make Medicine as well as exclusively Harvest manufacturing materials for the Nano Carbon Superconductor NASA project. 


Another example, of how we have strategically changed our business model is in the long list of uses for industrial hemp, is its natural ability to filter toxic chemicals out of polluted soil. The cannabis plant readily absorbs many man made pollutants and heavy metals through its roots and stores them, making it possible to then remove the hemp and the hazardous compounds with it. These conclusions have been documented in a number of research projects as well as in real world application.

S ince the Covid19 Pandemic we have had to change our business model and strategy.  Our partnerships with the Oglala Indian Tribe has helped us to guide and oversee the cultivation of Prue Organic Hemp. The beneficial outcome of proper farming stewardship and natural CO2 extraction is the lifeblood essences are harnessed, a nutritionally dense, wholesome botanical extract permeated with all the naturally occurring constituents and Full Spectrum of Cannabinoids. entourage of all the intricately woven Terpenes, Essential Oils and other Phyto-Nutrient compounds of the original plant, just as nature intended.



Heirloom seed are available for sale

only in large bulk order supply only by

emailing: info@jrlmiller.com 

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Seed cost 1.30 - 3.60 per.  wholesale min.

Retail Seed Sell for $3- $6 per seed min.

Personal Consultation are Available 

by emailing: info@jrlmiller.com 

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Please Describe your Personal Health or Business Consult needs myself or one of our staff will follow up with your inquiry.

Please Only serious Inquiries, Investors & Growers.

Thank you.

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