GodzGift Hemp Infrastructure
Projects & Proposals for Serious Investors.

Some of the Following Projects listed below are Now Classified as Jason Miller Work as Head of Research & Development for The US & Latin Veteran Embassy, contact me direct for investment options & opportunities: info@jrlmiller.com / Subject {HEMP Investor} & for Consultation:

Only exception is the Military Security Project:  Due to the Military Operation taking place in Ukraine, Military Security Is Only Available on A Data Project Consultation Basis.

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11-acres of the property to set up operations for building an office headquarters to serve as living facilities for our corporate team to stay on site, as well as to make hempcrete and set up the shipping containers. As such, building contractors will be used to complete the building of all establishments being used on the land for cultivation and product development and equipment.

a) Agricultural Organic Foods Farming & Cultivation Project.

b) Hemp Concrete Development & Homes / Shipping Container Luxury Home Projects.

(This Project Rights Is Exclusively Owned by Jason Miller, Investment Opportunity Available $3.1M )

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Jason Miller of GodzGift and Dr. Bill of  CBD Test Lab located in Washington D.C. As Dr. Bill is a military veteran, he is highly impressed with the efforts of the USLVSE, and as a result a strategic alliance is being formed, outlined in this acquisition breakdown.

(This Project Rights Is Exclusively Owned by Jason Miller,  Investment Opportunity Available $1.8M )

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Commercial Facilities Sector; This includes a diverse range of sites that draw large crowds of people for shopping, business, entertainment, or lodging. Facilities within the sector operate on the principle of open public access, meaning that the general public can move freely without the deterrent of highly visible security barriers

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As per our conversation, I'm requesting 250,000 seeds with the profile we discussed. My budget is fifty (.50) cent per seed. We will need them every 3 months accordingly.

(Organic Hemp Seed Available in Bulk at .60 per seed, per 250,000 seeds.)